Rebuts Solides Canadien

Location icon Montreal, Canada
Ref #: 200538


Yard Rebuts Solides Canadien
Location Montreal, Canada
Subcategory Water-Softener
Built in 2012
Opened in 2012
Application Rebuts Solides Canadien
Application Type Concrete Restoration Systems
Client Rebuts Solides Canadiens
Contractor company NA
Installer companies SA Construction
Architects NA
MAPEI Distributor Polytech MP
Photographer Olivier Gariepy
Project Manager Denis Gregoire

Products used for the project

Mapecure SRA 27 [NA]
Mapecure SRA 27 [NA]
Mapecure SRA 27 [NA] is a chloride-free, liquid admixture specially developed…
Mapefer 1K [NA]
Mapefer 1K [NA]
Mapefer 1K [NA] is a one-component, anti-corrosion coating based on unique…
MapeWrap 11
MapeWrap 11
Structural Epoxy Putty Adhesives for Use with Structural Strengthening Systems…
MapeWrap Primer 1
MapeWrap Primer 1
MapeWrap Primer 1 is a 100%-solids, moisture-tolerant, low-viscosity,…
Planigrout 712
Planigrout 712
Planigrout 712 is a one-component, nonshrinking, nonmetallic, cement-based…
Planitop 23
Planitop 23
Planitop 23 is a two-component, fast-setting, polymer-modified, thixotropic,…
Planitop X
Planitop X
One-Component, Fast-Setting, Fiber-Reinforced, Vertical and Overhead Repair…
3001001 - Carboplate E 170
Carboplate E 170
Product not available for this market,
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