Location icon Saint-Isidore-de-Laprairie, Canada
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Yard Polyurethane/cement-based screed for food processing areas, plus durable, decorative resin-based flooring for cafeteria and office spaces
Location Saint-Isidore-de-Laprairie, Canada
Subcategory Plant
Built in 2019
Application A family-owned tofu business chose MAPEI’s industrial flooring systems to expand its operations, with a decorative resinous floor for its offices and cafeteria to go with thermal-shock-resistant cementitious flooring for the new factory.
Application Type Cementitious & Resin Flooring Systems
Client Unisoya 1986 Inc.
Contractor company Restauration Precision / Protec Sol
Photographer Olivier Gariépy
Project Manager Tony Barone
MAPEI Coordinator Alain Pomerleau

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Products used for the project

Mapecoat Universal [NA]
Mapecoat Universal [NA]
Two-Component, Transparent, Epoxy Resin for Industrial Flooring Mapecoat…
Mapeflakes [NA]
Mapeflakes [NA]
Decorative Vinyl Flakes for Broadcasting into Resinous Flooring Systems …
Mapefloor CPU/COVE [NA]
Mapefloor CPU/COVE [NA]
Multi-Component, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Coving and Detailing Screed …
Mapefloor CPU/TC [NA]
Mapefloor CPU/TC [NA]
Multi-Component, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Coating for Horizontal and Vertical…
Mapefloor I 302 SL
Mapefloor I 302 SL
Two-Component, Multipurpose, Epoxy Resin for Industrial Flooring Mapefloor I…
Primer SN [NA]
Primer SN [NA]
Two-Component, Filled, Epoxy Primer Primer SN [NA] is a two-component, filled,…
Product not found

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