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MAPEI products help Porsche dealership in reaching finish line

In 2016, Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. (PCL), along with Groupe Lauzon, broke ground to extend its automotive retail locations with the addition of Porsche Rive-Sud, located in Montreal’s South Shore. The four-level facility spans 100,000 square feet (9 290 m2) and features interior parking, a 17-car showroom, 15 service bays, a café lounge and more.

To complete the construction, Les Carrelages Serco Inc. was contracted to put the finishing touches on the floors and walls, including the installation of large-format tiles in the drive-through of the dealership’s auto repair shop. Due to earlier construction delays, the Les Carrelages crew was faced with a restrictive timeline in which to complete the project before the dealership’s scheduled grand opening in October 2017. Successful completion of the project meant not only meeting the fast-approaching deadline, but also meeting Porsche’s prestigious standards.

To reach this goal, Les Carrelages turned to MAPEI products because of their long-held reputation for high quality, durability and speed of installation. “It was a no-brainer, really. MAPEI is a brand that I trust to get the job done,” said Serge Laflamme, president of Les Carrelages.

MAPEI products on the jobsite

MAPEI tile and stone products were used on a total of 15,000 square feet (1 394 m2) within Porsche Rive-Sud, including on the floors throughout the dealership and on the walls in the washrooms.

The Les Carrelages crew started with the floors. Given that the tile would be subjected to heavy rolling loads on a daily basis, the crew began with the installation of Mapeguard UM underlayment membrane. In addition to waterproofing, this membrane provides uncoupling protection and crack suppression. Crew members applied Mapeguard UM over a base of Ultraflex 2 tile mortar to ensure a good bond to the concrete substrate. They then set large-format tile using Ultraflex LHT mortar, which is designed especially for large and heavy tiles.

When the floor was finished, the Les Carrelages crew turned its attention to the walls, using MAPEI Ultralite Mortar to set tiles on the vertical surfaces. All of the tile joints – whether on the floors or on the walls – were grouted with Ultracolor Plus FA, a grout designed for small and large joints alike that eliminates the need for two types of grout. Not only was this convenient, it added speed to the installation.

Laflamme said that the most challenging aspect of this project was trying to meet the restrictive deadline while working in the highhumidity conditions within the dealership’s workshop. He explained that Mapeguard UM was essential in surmounting this challenge. Mapeguard UM proved to be effective in combating the moisture vapor emitted from the concrete floor and in creating a smooth and flat surface on which to install floor tiles. In addition, the product’s fast-track capability allowed Les Carrelages to meet its deadline in time for the scheduled grand opening.

On October 12, 2017, Porsche Rive-Sud successfully held its grand-opening launch party for Porsche owners and enthusiasts, who were highly impressed by the new dealership. In fact, the Porsche Rive-Sud project was so notable that it earned MAPEI two Hardsurface Awards – including the award for Project of the Year – at the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada’s annual convention in June 2018.

Yard                                                 Commercial facility

Location                                          Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada

Subcategory                                   Car distributor

Application                                     On the floors throughout the dealership and on the walls in the washroom

Application Type                           Surface preparation

Year of construction                     2016-2017

Years of MAPEI involvement       2017

Project owner                                Groupe Lauzon

Project manager                            Serge Laflamme

General contractor                       Construction Vincent & Dussault

Installer                                           Les Carrelages Serco Inc.

MAPEI distributor                         Prosol Distribution

MAPEI coordinator                       Francois Croteau

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