Mapeguard UM: For the most challenging crack suppression



 April 8, 2020. 2:21 AM

If you have problematic substrate conditions for crack suppression, MAPEI has the solution in its new Mapeguard UM underlayment membrane.
Because of its excellent properties, Mapeguard UM can be installed on new concrete in as little as 7 days after being poured. And due to its advanced design, Mapeguard UM can also be applied directly on a single-layer plywood.

When installing the membrane, nothing could be easier. After Mapeguard UM has been installed over concrete slabs, the membrane protects stresses in the substrate from transferring to the tile installation, thereby preventing the formation of cracks.
Whether the membrane is applied on concrete or plywood, you can use a 4,5 mm (3/16") V-notched trowel or a 6 x 6 mm (1/4" x 1/4") trowel. Once the mortar has been mixed with the maximum allowable amount of water (see the ratio on the packaging), apply mortar on the substrate. Install Mapeguard UM progressively over the still fresh mortar. Using a 34-kg (75-lb.) trowel or roller, apply pressure to ensure that the mortar spreads under the membrane and properly adheres it to the floor. Ensure proper contact between the mortar and membrane backing by periodically lifting Mapeguard UM.

One of the many benefits offered by Mapeguard UM involves cavity filling. A simple application is sufficient, saving you time and labour. Subsequently, tile or stone can be installed as usual.
MAPEI always recommends consulting the product’s Technical Data Sheet on our Website at before any work is performed, and to obtain critical information for ensuring a successful installation.

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