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August 29, 2022. 4:03 PM

Cementitious self-leveling overlays: A durable, trendy alternative for concrete floor resurfacing

Ultratop PC (white) used on existing concrete floors in the Calligaris Furniture showroom When it comes to restoring an aged concrete floor, ripping out an existing concrete slab and pouring a new one is costly and very time consuming. This is where…

August 22, 2022. 5:04 PM

Science as inspiration for designers and MAPEI alike

Designers are always looking for inspiration. In his public piece Ondes croisées , which was created for the new Université de Montréal MIL campus, artist Alain Paiement found inspiration from the world of science – just like the technologically…

August 19, 2022. 7:41 PM

Large and Heavy Tile Mortar Basics

A few of MAPEI's family of large and heavy tile mortars For thousands of years, tiles were a few inches across because those sizes were easiest to make and fire in a traditional kiln. As recently as the 1980s, 8" x 8" (20 x 20 cm) floor tiles and 4"…

August 19, 2022. 7:07 PM

How to Avoid Shrinkage Cracks in Concrete

Use the Mapecrete System to control concrete shrinkage Mapecrete System is a proven technology by MAPEI for producing shrinkage compensated concrete, where a high degree of dimensional stability is required to prevent shrinkage cracks in concrete…

August 17, 2022. 7:22 PM

A Short Guide to Tennis/Pickleball Courts & Choosing Tennis Court Surface Solutions

Tennis and pickleball are sports with multiple types of acceptable playing surfaces. Even at the highest level of international competition, professional tournaments are held on a variety of different surface types. What Surfaces are Tennis and…

July 8, 2022. 8:00 PM

Sounds of Silence: Achieving Sound-reduced Flooring in Multi-Floor Buildings

Good noise control makes good neighbors, especially for those living or working in multi-floor buildings. In fact, noise is a top complaint among condominium owners. But while most condo associations require the installation of floor soundproofing…

July 4, 2022. 4:32 PM

MAPEI Innovation Brings Self-Leveling Underlayment to New Heights

No matter what your specification calls for as a topcoat, every installer knows the importance of ensuring it goes on a suitably flat and level surface, concrete or otherwise. This step in the process is a crucial one for interior floors, whether…

May 30, 2022. 10:47 PM

The Secrets of Surface Prep for Tile

There is an old adage that says, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” These brilliant words can be echoed by every tile and flooring installer today. We all know that a ceramic tile installation is only as good as its preparation. I…

April 26, 2022. 8:16 PM

Industrial flooring products with infinite design possibilities

Modern industrial floors aren’t restricted to that cold, “institutional look” anymore. Whether a cement-based or epoxy-resin flooring solution is needed, the design possibilities have exploded in recent years, and architects are taking notice. …

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