Consultancy and Technical Assistance

All those who use Mapei products can see for themselves at first hand, day after day,
how this choice leads to optimising their work, the maximum application yield and perfect results, under all conditions. 

Mapei is not only a supplier, but a partner for all those who work in this sector. From the constant, ongoing exchange of experience and ideas with our customers and building suppliers, Mapei takes all their comments on board to guide innovation and widen its product lines and references. From the smallest to the largest sales points for ceramics and building materials, you will discover how Mapei quality is not limited to the product itself, but extends to the competence of the sales team, the passion of our retailers and the value of their advice.

Our client can also take advantage of our Technical Services Department and their constant, expert support, from the design phase right up to the execution phase, to guarantee an end result that always lives up to their expectations.

We're Partners, Not Suppliers

PARTNER_ponte 2_alx EN

A truly unique pedestrian bridge sitting on two huge concrete hands around 24 metres tall and 13 metres wide, with each finger approximately 2 metres in diameter. DYNAMON SR2 VN was the admixture which made this construction possible.


Technical training has an important role to play for Mapei and we promote refresher courses and installation workshops all around the world to perfect the application  techniques for our products. The courses are held by Mapei Technical Services and our expert technicians through practical demonstrations, audio-visual training and the distribution of technical and information packs. And to reach sites directly, Mapei also uses a special motor-home which is available for a number of countries, a kind of mobile training centre which allows us to form a wider network of training opportunities anywhere we wish. Just as important is on-line training using the latest digital technology, accessible via PCs, tablets and smartphones. Periodically, Mapei organises technical refresher conventions and seminars, both in form of lectures and webinars, in conjunction with various Chartered Bodies for designers, site managers and specialists from the construction sector.

Mapei is an accredited Advanced Training Body for the National Council of the Association of Architects Landscape Planners and Conservationists, authorised to carry out training work and award professional training credits. Over 6,700 events are carried out at the various Mapei training centres, our specification centres, throughout Italy and the rest of the world, including France, Norway, Germany, Singapore, United States, Poland and Hungary, just to mention a few. The events always involve expert speakers from the industry and focus on cutting-edge technical issues in the building and design industries.

We implement the best training methods

A modern, 1200 m2 building made entirely from Mapei solutions. A next-gen learning platform with training programmes focusing on materials and the latest technologies in tile installation and the repair and protection of concrete, as well as coatings for façades, swimming pools and floors.



New formulations by Mapei Group every year



Professionals from the sector involved in Mapei training courses


Thousands of products used to meet any and all requirements in the building world.


Mapei integrated solutions for every type of problem.


Thousands of projects completed around the world

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