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Dams & Hydropower Project References

High profile projects from dams, hydropower and even canals with MAPEI construction technology using MAPEI concrete admixture.

Why Waterproof with Mapelastic?

Mapelastic is a two-component flexible cementitious membrane with 30 years of successful record in sealing more than 350 million…

Mapesilent: Soundproofing system against noise of footsteps

Mapesilent is the ideal soundproofing system to counteract impact and footstep noise and to create floating screeds perfectly…

Ultracare Fuga Fresca Grout Refresh

Ultracare Fuga Fresca Grout Refresh is a polymeric paint to refresh the colour of cementitious grout joints.

Mapecoat TNS Extreme | What Mapei experts say about it

Two-component rapid-drying epoxy-acrylic finish in water dispersion to create durable coatings on surfaces, including those with…

Mapecoat TNS Professional System for Tennis : What others say about it?

Total of 13 tennis courts at Bukit Kiara refurbished with MAPECOAT TNS PROFESSIONAL system ready for this SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia)…

1 - 8 of 82
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