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MAPEI Celebrates 85th Anniversary

It was 1937 when Rodolfo Squinzi founded his building materials business in the outskirts of Milan with seven members of staff…

Mapefer 1K | Protect Rebar from Corrosion

Step-by-step guide of how to mix and apply Mapefer 1K.

Ocean sailing, Mapei's latest challenge

Mapei is proud to be Global Sponsor of the new ocean sailing project skippered by Ambrogio Beccaria, the first Italian in history…

European Standard EN 1504: Protection and Repair of Concrete

The European Standard EN 1504 “Products and systems for the repair and protection of concrete structures – definitions,…

Fast-Track Solution for Wateproofing & Tiling on Drywalls

From waterproofing to tile adhesive, joint grout and sealant, MAPEI offers a complete solution for drywall constructions…

Mapei Corporate Video 2022 | 85th Anniversary

For 85 years, we have been building a present designed for a future.

Ultratop Loft Tutorial | For decorative floors and walls

With Ultratop Loft range, decorative floors and walls can be achieved for a contemporary interior design. This video provides a…

Mapei Malaysia | Keraflex Maxi S1 Tutorial

A tutorial video on how to mix and apply Keraflex Maxi S1, high-performance, deformable cementitious adhesive with no vertical…

1 - 8 of 68
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