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Mapeflex AC-P | Invisible sealing of cracks and joints

Mapeflex AC-P for smooth finish compared with Mapeflex AC4 ideal for rough finish.

The World is our home. Let's rebuild it together

From smart working solutions to the reopening of construction yards, the world is ready to start moving again thanks to the…

How does Mapegrout Patch 218 Helps in Your Repair Works

Mapegrout Patch 218 is a shrinkage-controlled, fibre-reinforced, patch repair mortar. It can be used for surface repairs, filling…

Purtop 1000 by MAPEI - Passing the test

PURTOP 1000 - a solvent-free, pure polyurea, waterproofing membrane for hydraulic works, roof slabs and bridge decks

Keracolor Mapei - application guide

KERACOLOR SF/FF/GG from MAPEI High performance, polymer-modified, water-repellent cement based grout for tiles with different…

Waterproofing roof slabs with MAPEI Aquaflex Roof 77

A step-by-step application of waterproofing the roof with Aquaflex Roof 77. It is a ready-to-use, liquid applied waterproofing…

Mapecoat TNS Multisport Cushion System

Mapei supported the upgrading works of the basketball court of Yuk Chai Primary School as part of CRM programme.

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