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Mapei Solutions for Underground Construction

From Mapei UTT Line, a reliable technology for underground construction.

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Aquaflex Roof 77

A ready-to-use, flexible, liquid-applied membrane for
seamless waterproofing of exposed surfaces

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More than 80 years  building the world

More than 80 years of success, solutions and excellence. Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today the world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for the building industry.

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Mapei for all sports surfaces

Mapei has built up a wide range of experience and developed technology 
and solutions for all types of both new and existing sports surfaces, 
becoming a point of reference for architects, designers and engineers.


Adhesives and Grouts

for ceramic tiles and stone materials

Discover Mapei Products for ceramics and stone material

Mapelastic. The waterproofer.

From Mapei Research and Development Laboratories the range of flexible
cementitious mortars. Mapelastic: certified warranty and quality for safe,
definitive waterproofing.


PAM Wilayah Seminar on “Defects in waterproofing and tiling works for buildings; why they happen and how to prevent them”

April 15th, 2017 - Kuala Lumpur
May 7, 2017
PAM’s half-day seminar titled “Defects in waterproofing and tiling works for buildings; why they happen and how to prevent them” was well attended by over 170 Architects at the PAM Centre in Bangsar.

Presented by speakers from MAPEI Malaysia – Yong Wai Kit on the subject of waterproofing and Alisonn Bong on tiling – both looked at common defects and complaints, and their causes.

Project situations vary in many ways: substrate types, ambient working conditions, service exposure conditions, loading stresses, area and surface profile, etc. As there are no “one-size-fits-all” universal solutions, the speakers addressed the fundamental need to identify the performance criteria specific to the application before selecting the solution. In the case of tiling works, the classification of adhesives and grouts according to ISO 13007 Standards and how this helps designers and users select the right materials was explained.

Both speakers concluded with a review of best practices for successful installations and durable performance.

For more information on the Mapei range of adhesive products, please click here  and Mapei range of waterproofing products, please click here.

PAM Seminar 2017

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5 continents in
35 different countries


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Tons of CO2 offset

Solutions for every type of site

Every site has its own unique challenges. This is why Mapei solutions are organised according to site requirements and for areas of use with the aim to offer all professionals from the building industry a complete service.


Mapei products have been used in thousands of projects all around the world, from large-scale projects to commercial spaces, from residential projects to works of public interest: our technical assistance and consultancy service are an integral part of our offer and of our daily commitment.

Realtà Mapei

To design the future it is essential that we share all our knowledge. This is why we created Realtà Mapei Magazine, the tool we use to dialogue with professionals from the building industry and with all those who use Mapei products

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