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Mapei ASIA 2023 Exhibition

March 24, 2023
Mapei appeared in ASIA 2023 as one of the exhibitors in this 3-day event with the theme “Water Resources and Renewable Energy Development” with our consultants from Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia to welcome the delegates of the conferences that came from various countries all around the world.

The ASIA 2023 is an annual Hydro Power and Dams Conference cum exhibition targeting the community in the industries of water and energy for knowledge sharing as well as the opportunity for new technologies update.

Since the 1990’s Mapei has taken part in the rebuilding and construction of dams, hydropower and even canals all around the world. These include high profile projects like Panama Canal, The Three Gorges Dam in China, Gilgel Gibe III in Ethiopia, Scandarello Dam in Norway and many more using MAPEI technologies for concrete admixture, products for undertunnelling, products for waterproofing, concrete repair, strengthening and etc.

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