MAPEI helps flood victim return to normal life

December 30, 2021
The recent floods in Selangor wreaked devastation and families were still struggling with clearing the mud and debris from their homes weeks after the disaster. Many of the worst-affected were low-income earners and for them recovery was hindered by their inability to take time off work.  

MAPEI volunteered its assistance to KIWANIS and was directed to a mother and her two young children in Shah Alam. It took 13 staff volunteers most of a day to clear damage items, clean muddy walls, windows and floors, and to wash salvageable items. Members of the technical team were on hand to repair major wall cracks with MAPEGROUT PATCH 218.

Some staff members returned to the home a few days later to re-do the wiring and fix the lights and fans. Other staff members chipped in to buy a replacement bunk bed. We hope the effort helps this one family get back on its feet.

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