Two-component, epoxy curing compound in water dispersion, with consolidating and anti-dust properties.
Biblock is a transparent, epoxy impregnation product, which is particularly recommended to guarantee good curing of concrete used for laying industrial floors, access ramps, runways, canals, storage tanks, etc.
To function correctly, Biblock must be applied on concrete which is still fresh.
Due to its capability of penetrating into absorbent materials, Biblock may be used as a consolidator and anti-dust treatment for cementitious screeds and mechanically weak industrial floors.
Biblock is supplied in kits of two pre-weighed components, which must be mixed together until they are completely homogenous and then be diluted with up to 20% of water, before application.
Biblock is easy to apply by brush, roller or by spraying, on either horizontal or vertical surfaces, which must be clean and free of crumbly or loose parts.

approximately 100-150 g/m2 according to the absorbency of the substrate.

5 kg kits (A B).

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