Pure acrylic resin-based semi-transparent paint in water dispersion for protecting concrete, reinforced concrete and cementitious surfaces.
Colorite Beton is a semi-transparent paint for external walls, made up of saponifiable, pure acrylic resin in water dispersion.
Colorite Beton is used to protect cementitious substrates against damage caused by CO2 (carbonation) and SO2.
Colorite Beton is resistant to all climatic conditions and the aggressive attack of smog, salt and sunlight, and provides a long-lasting protective coat for the substrate.
Colorite Beton protects the surface, and has an attractive semi-lucid finish and evens out the colour without hiding the surface structure.
Colorite Beton is available in a wide range of colours. Further colours may also be created according to individual samples by using the ColorMap® automatic tinting system.
Colorite Beton meets the requirements of EN 1504-2 standards, coating (C), in compliance with PI-MC?and IR?principles for concrete protection.

0.25-0.3 kg/m2 (refers to two coats of the product).

20 kg plastic buckets.

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