Two-component superfluid epoxy resin for injection.
Epojet is used for monolithic repair of structures which have cracked due to overloading, impact, earthquakes etc; it is also used for bonding and structural strengthening by low pressure injection and for sealing cracks in cement screeds.
Epojet is a solvent-free epoxy adhesive, consisting of two pre-measured components to be mixed together with an electric stirrer prior to use. After mixing, Epojet becomes a low viscosity liquid ideal for injection.
Epojet polymerizes without shrinkage and is waterproof after hardening.
For monolithic repair of degraded structures, inject Epojet into the cracks with a pump. Horizontal cracks in screeds can be sealed simply by pouring Epojet directly into them.
Epojet meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-5 standard.

- sealing of cracks: 1.1 kg/l of cavity to be filled;
- bonding concrete-steel: 1.1 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

4 kg (A B) and 2.5 kg (A B).

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