Waterproofer for cementitious mortars in powder and liquid form.
Use Idrosilex to obtain waterproof renders and substrates.
Idrosilex is especially recommended for waterproofing basements, swimming pools, reservoirs, tunnels etc.
Idrosilex is a product based on waterproofing additives available both in liquid and powder form.
To use Idrosilex Powder, add it to the batch of dry cement and sand and mix with water until a completely uniform mixture is obtained.
To use Idrosilex Liquid, dilute it in the mixing water. The mixture obtained with Idrosilex is applied like any normal rendering mortar.

- Idrosilex Liquid: 3-5 kg per 100 kg of cement;
- Idrosilex Powder: 2-4 kg per 100 kg of cement.

- Idrosilex Liquid: 25 kg and 6 kg drums;
- Idrosilex Powder: 25 x 1-kg boxes.

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