Hydrophilic expandable rubber section for watertight construction joints.
Idrostop is a soft preformed flexible strip, with an acrylic polymer base specially designed to form watertight construction joints up to a hydraulic pressure of 5 atm. Idrostop does not contain bentonite. Due to its chemical composition Idrostop gradually expands when in permanent contact with water, creating an active barrier against pressurized water (positive and negative).
Idrostop strip can be applied to concrete, metal, PVC and natural stone with Idrostop Mastic, a ready-to-use solvent-free one-component adhesive with a base of MS polymers.

Idrostop is supplied in 3 sizes in carton boxes:
- Idrostop 10 (size 20x10 mm): 6 rolls of 10 m;
- Idrostop 15 (size 20x15 mm): 6 rolls of 7 m;
- Idrostop 25 (size 20x25 mm): 6 rolls of 5 m.

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