Super fluid cement-free fillerized lime- and Eco-Pozzolan-based hydraulic binder, for consolidating, by injection, stone, brick and tuff structures, especially suitable for frescoed walls.
Mape-Antique F21 is especially recommended for consolidating stone, brick, tuff walls and arches of buildings, cracked and/or frescoed renders.
Mape-Antique F21 mixed with 10.2 l of water in a high turbulence mixer or with a drill fitted with a whip, produces a fluid and stable slurry. The slurry can fill the cavities of the structures that need consolidation and gradually hardens through a pozzolanic reaction without inter-reaction (dangerous reactions) with bricks, stones and existing mortars even in the presence of soluble salts (e.g. sulphates).

1.04 kg/dm3 of cavity to be filled.

17 kg bags.

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