High-flow shrink-free grout for anchors.
Mapefill is used to anchor machinery, bolts, precast metallic structures, turbines, machine tools, etc into concrete. It is also recommended for filling rigid joints between concrete elements and for underpinning.
Mapefill has high mechanical strength at early ages (24 hours) and high adhesion to steel and concrete.
Mapefill is formulated from cement binders, graded aggregate and special additives. The mixture is prepared by mixing a 25 kg bag of Mapefill with 3.5-3.75 l of clean water, depending on the desired consistency. The mortar obtained is poured into the foundations, which must have been thoroughly soaked with water beforehand, taking care to allow air to escape to prevent air-bubbles.
For filling large volumes, the addition of Gravel 6-10 is recommended.
Mapefill meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-6.

1.95 kg/dm3 of cavity to be filled.

25 kg bags.

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