Two-component thixotropic cementitious mortar with low modulus of elasticity for the repair of concrete.
Mapegrout BM is recommended for surface repair of damaged concrete subject to small deformation under loads, to thermal cycles or especially adverse weather conditions.
Mapegrout BM is recommended also for repairing concrete beams, columns, balconies, and precast concrete sections.
Mapegrout BM has excellent waterproofing properties and is therefore recommended for repairing canals, water tanks and hydraulic projects in general.
Mapegrout BM, because of its low modulus of elasticity, is recommended for the repair of concrete with moderate mechanical strength.
Mapegrout BM is applied with trowel or spray even on vertical surfaces or ceilings without formwork in a maximum thickness of approx. 35 mm per layer. The substrate must be sound, compact and rough. Before applying Mapegrout BM, the surface to be repaired should be saturated with water.
Mapegrout BM may be mixed with 0.25% in weight of Mapecure SRA, curing agent.
Mapegrout BM meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-3 standards for R4-class structural mortar.

approx. 21 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.

25 kg bags;
4.7 kg drums.

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