Air-entraining plasticiser for concrete and mortars.
Mapeplast PT1 is used to prepare high quality concrete and mortar that are durable and resistant to freeze/thaw cycles.
Mapeplast PT1 also improves the pumpability of concrete with low cement factor due to the lubricating effect produced by the micro air-bubbles which are evenly distributed in the mix.
Mapeplast PT1 is particularly suitable for improving the plasticity and the thixotropy of mortars for renders and masonry.
Mapeplast PT1 is an additive based on tensio-active agents and is supplied as a brown liquid. Add Mapeplast PT1 to the mixing water and then mix with cement and aggregate.

- concrete: from 30 to 150 ml per 100 kg cement;
- cement mortar: from 100 to 300 ml per 100 kg binder.

200 l tanks, 25 and 10 kg drums and 1 kg bottles. 1000 l tanks.
Also available in bulk on request.

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