Levelling mortar for interior and exterior walls and ceilings.

Interior and exterior levelling "out-of-plumb" walls, rough or damaged renders, brick walls before laying ceramic tiles. Suitable for applying in thin coats on all conventional surfaces (concrete, cement-lime mortar, cementitious mortar, etc.). To improve bonding or consistency of thin coats, add 1 or 2 kg of Planicrete per bag. As an alternative, it is possible to use Eco Prim Grip to promote bonding on concrete.

Technical data:
Applications: on walls only.
Pot life: 2-3 hours.
Application thickness: from 2 to 30 mm.
Waiting time before installation: = 4 hours depending on thickness.
Colours: grey and white.
Application: trowel.
Storage: 12 months.

1.4 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

25 kg bags.

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