Very fluid expanding cementitious binder for the preparation of injection slurries, mortars and concrete.
Use Stabilcem to prepare shrinkage-compensated injection slurries, mortars and concrete.
Stabilcem can be used for filling cavities and cracks into rock and brickwork and for filling internal porosity of concrete.
Due to its characteristics, self-levelling concretes obtained with Stabilcem can be pumped under high mechanical pressure without any risk of segregation.
Mix Stabilcem with appropriately graded aggregate, depending on the type of work to be carried out, and then add water. Mix until completely homogeneous, then apply the product.
To improve open-air curing and further reduce shrinkage, Stabilcem can be mixed with 5 to 8 l/m3 of Mapecure SRA, curing agent.

- injection slurry: 1.6 kg/dm3 of cavity to be filled;
- mortar: 350-550 kg/m3;
- concrete: 300-400 kg/m3.

20 kg bags.

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