Two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for wooden flooring.

Where to use:
Bonding of all types and sizes of wooden flooring on all types of substrate. Suitable for heating screeds.

Technical data:
Consistency: comp. A: pasty; comp. B: pasty.
Colour: comp. A: beige or brown; comp. B: whitish.
Flammabily: no.
Mixture ratio: comp. A : comp. B = 90 : 10.
Pot life: 60-70 minutes.
Application temperature range: from 10°C to 30°C.
Open time: 1 hour.
Set to light foot traffic: after 24 hours.
Polishing: after 3 days.
Storage: 24 months.
Application: notched trowel.

1.0-1.5 kg/m2.

10 kg drums (A B).

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