Multi-purpose, ready-to-use bonding promoter primer with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for render, smoothing and levelling compounds, and adhesives for ceramic tiles

Where to use 适用范围

  • Suitable for improving the bond of adhesives for ceramic, smoothing and levelling compounds on non-absorbent surfaces such as ceramic, terrazzo and natural stone floors
  • Improve the bond of all types of cement, gypsum and lime-based plasters on concrete, brickwork, vibro-compressed concrete blocks, lightweight block and gypsum.
  • 适合找平化合物或水泥基胶粘剂在非吸收性基面 如瓷砖、水磨石或天然石材作粘结
  • 用以增强所有水泥、准备石膏和石灰石膏于基面,如混凝土、砌砖、振动压缩混凝土砖,轻质水泥砖和准备石膏的粘结力

Advantages 优势

  • Guarantees a rough keying surface ideal for render, smoothing and levelling compounds
  • Excellent bond on smooth substrates and substrates with low absorbency
  • Ready to use, single component
  • Easy to apply by using a roller or a brush
  • Extremely low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Resistance to water and ageing
  • 形成适合抹灰层和找平化合物的粗糙表面
  • 与光滑和低吸收性基面有良好的粘结力
  • 即用型,单组份
  • 使用滚筒或毛刷,易于施涂
  • 挥发性有机化合物(VOC)释放量极低
  • 优异的粘结强度
  • 防水、耐久

Technical Data (Typical Values) 技术数据 (典型值)

Technical data

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Technical data sheet

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