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Multi-purpose, shrinkage-compensated, fluid cementitious grout for filling of gaps, voids and holes for anchoring and concrete repairs
用于填充缝隙、空隙和孔洞,以作锚固和混凝 土修复的多功能、补偿收缩水泥基填缝浆料

Where to use 适用范围

  • Anchoring of columns and posts
  • Anchoring of starter bars
  • Repair of broken concrete
  • Patching up piping and ducting holes
  • Filling gaps under base plates
  • 锚固柱子和栏杆
  • 锚固预留搭接钢筋
  • 修复破损的混凝土
  • 修补管道和管道孔
  • 填充基底下的缝隙

Advantages 优势

  • Shrinkage-compensated
  • Can be mixed for pumping, pouring or trowelling
  • High early and ultimate strengths
  • Iron and chloride-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • 补偿收缩砂浆
  • 可使用泵,浇筑或抹刀施涂材料
  • 初始强度、极限强度较高
  • 不含铁、不含氯
  • 无毒
  • 易于混合及施涂

Technical Data (Typical Values) 技术数据 (典型值)

Technical data mapefill 318

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Video 视频

Mapefill 318

Pumpable, multi-purpose, shrinkage-compensated, cementitiuos grout recommended for fillig voids and cavities in anchoring and…

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