Idrostop SW


Fast-curing, styrene-free, chemical adhesive for a wide range of heavy-duty, anchoring applications into concrete, brick-work, hollow blocks, stone-work, rocks
快速固化,无苯乙烯,广泛适用于混凝土、 砖墙、空心砖、石材和岩石等重型荷载锚固用的化学胶粘剂

Where to use 适用范围

For fast-set anchoring of:

  • Starter bars
  • Sanitary fittings such as sinks, toilet bowls
  • Electrical fittings such as ceiling fans, air conditioners
  • Window and door fittings
  • Pipes
  • Brackets and shelves


  • 预留搭接钢筋
  • 洁具,如下沉式抽水马桶
  • 电气配件如吊扇,空调
  • 窗户和门等配件
  • 管道
  • 支架和架子

Advantages 优势

  • Fast-setting
  • Heavy-duty
  • For horizontal, vertical and overhead anchoring
  • Suitable for wide range of substrates including hollow blocks
  • May be used in damp substrates
  • Good UV, chemical and water resistance
  • Styrene-free and low-odour
  • 快速安装
  • 适用于重荷载区域
  • 适用于垂直面、水平面及顶板等锚固
  • 广泛适用于多种基面,包括空心砖
  • 可用于潮湿基面
  • 具有良好抗紫外线,防化学腐蚀和防水
  • 无苯乙烯,气味少

Technical Data (Typical Values) 技术数据 (典型值)

Technical data Idrostop SW

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