mapeflex ms 45


Paintable acrylic sealant with a render-effect finish for movements up to 12.5%

Where to use 适用范围

Sealing internal and external joints and cracks subject to small and medium movements, for all absorbent building materials:

  • Seals between prefabricated concrete, wooden and plasterboard walls
  • Seals between concrete members, render, brick walls, cellular concrete, wood, natural stone, etc.
  • Air and water-tight seals between wooden window frames and walls.
  • Sealing accidental surface cracks in internal and external vertical walls.

  • 封填预制混凝土、木墙和石膏板之间的接缝
  • 封填混凝土构件、粉刷墙、砖墙、多孔混凝土、木材、天然石安装材料等之间的接缝
  • 密封木质窗框和墙身接缝处
  • 封填垂直墙内外的表面裂纹

Advantages 优势

  • Sanded finish blends with plastering surfaces
  • Over-paintable
  • Remain stable when expose to weather
  • Good resistance to mild acids and alkalis
  • Water resistant (not immersion)
  • 具有粉刷墙,粗糙面层效果
  • 表面可涂刷传统涂料
  • 在不同气候下仍然性能良好
  • 能承受轻量酸和碱
  • 防水(非浸泡环境下)

Technical Data (Typical Values) 技术数据 (典型值)

Technical data mapefill 318

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Technical data sheet

Video 视频

Mapeflex AC-P for external crack repair that helps to achieve invisible crack-sealing

Mapeflex AC-P is a paintable acrylic sealant with sanded finish that is easy to apply in joints on both horizontal and vertical…

Mapeflex AC-P | Invisible sealing of cracks and joints

Mapeflex AC-P for smooth finish compared with Mapeflex AC4 ideal for rough finish.

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Mr. Paint Shop

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Ecomaspro Sdn Bhd

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Logam Shengli Sdn Bhd

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Tel : 07-331 4639

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Timuran Setia Industri Sdn Bhd

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