Idrostop SW


A hydrophilic, expandable, butyl rubber, waterstop

Where to use 适用范围

  • Joints between concrete slab and retaining walls
  • Joints for new to old concrete
  • Joints between different building materials, e.g. steel and concrete, stone and concrete
  • Cold joints (temporary shrinkage joints) created during pouring to reduce the risk of cracking in long or monolithic structures
  • 混凝土板件和挡土墙之间的接缝
  • 新旧混凝土之间的接缝
  • 不同建筑材料的接缝,如:钢筋和混凝土、石材和混凝土
  • 浇筑时因要减少长或大结构产生裂缝的风险性所形成的冷缝(暂时性收缩裂缝)

Advantages 优势

  • Idrostop SW expands when in permanent contact with water, creating a self-healing, joint waterstop
  • Idrostop SW has been tested to withstand 60 metre head of water pressure
  • Idrostop SW is non-toxic, making it suitable for use in structures containing water for human consumption and marine life
  • Idrostop SW与水永久性接触时膨胀,并能形成自愈合接缝防水条
  • Idrostop SW已测试能承受60米水压
  • 无毒,适用于装载饮用水结构和具有海洋生物的水槽

Technical Data (Typical Values) 技术数据 (典型值)

Technical data Idrostop SW

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