Super fine, high performance cementitious grout for joints up to 4 mm
用于缝宽不大于 4mm, 超精细高性能水泥基填缝剂

Where to use 适用范围

  • Grouting narrow tile joints in all types of tiles on floors and walls
  • Grouting tile joints in glass mosaic and pre-finished marble
  • Grouting joints in finishes with a particularly smooth and shiny surface (polished porcelain, polished marble, etc.)


  • 住宅用建筑内的各类瓷砖地坪及墙体上的窄缝
  • 玻璃马赛克及预制大理石填缝
  • 适用于特别光滑,光亮面层的填缝(打磨玻化砖,打磨大理石等)

Advantages 优势

  • Good compressive and flexural strength, good resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, and therefore good durability
  • Smooth and compact finished surface, low water absorbency and easy to clean
  • Very good resistance to abrasion
  • Low shrinkage rate
  • Good resistance to acids with pH > 3
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio.
  • 良好的抗压、抗折强度、抗冻融循环能力,更持久耐用
  • 光滑平整,紧致密实的基面结构精细,低吸水性等优点,使清洁基面更为容易
  • 优异的耐磨度
  • 低收缩率
  • pH > 3的耐酸度
  • 出色的性价比

Technical Data (Typical Values) 技术数据 (典型值)

Technical data

Related documentation

Technical data sheet

Color Palette

100 White
110 Manhattan 2000
111 Silver Grey
112 Medium Grey

Video 视频

Keracolor Mapei - application guide

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