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Build Aotearoa with MAPEI products & systems

From waterproofing private swimming pools to soundproofing theatres and restoring historic buildings, Mapei has something for every sector of the building industry with products and solutions which guarantee increased ductility and savings in materials and energy.
Products for Building and Civil Works
Products for Building and Civil Works
Concrete Repair Construction Grouts Epoxy for Crack Repair Corrosion Protection Concrete Protection
Products for Structural Strengthening
Products for Structural Strengthening
Structural Strengthening Concrete Repair Construction Grouts Epoxy for Crack Repair Corrosion Protection Concrete Protection Chemical…
Products for Waterproofing, Tanking, Roofing & Decking
Products for Waterproofing, Tanking, Roofing & Decking
POLYGLASS Waterproofing Sheet Membranes Liquid Membranes and Cement Mortars for Waterproofing PU Waterproofing Coatings Waterproofing…
Industrial Flooring, Decorative Floors and Systems for Car Parks
Industrial Flooring, Decorative Floors and Systems for Car Parks
Epoxy Coatings Polyurethane Coatings Heavy Duty Polyurethane Cement Decorative Flooring Products Car Park Flooring Cementitious…
Products for Sports Flooring
Products for Sports Flooring
Substrate Preparation Waterproofing PU (Polyurethane) Sports Flooring Adhesives for Sports Flooring Epoxy Coatings Crack Repair
Products for Resilient, Soft Coverings and LVT
Products for Resilient, Soft Coverings and LVT
Skim Coating, Rapid Repair & Levelling Compounds Primers for Concrete & Timber Substrates Moisture Barriers & Primers for Concrete…
Products for Timber and Wooden Flooring
Products for Timber and Wooden Flooring
Timber Adhesives Acoustic Insulation & Soundproofing Sealant for Wooden Floors
Products for Tiling Ceramics and Stone Materials
Products for Tiling Ceramics and Stone Materials
Floor Preparation - Screeds, Levelling & Smoothing Compounds Primers Waterproofing Under Tiles - BRANZ Appraised Acoustic Insulation &…
Elastic Sealants
Elastic Sealants
The flexibility in the manufacturing process and formulation of this line exploits the expertise and professionalism of our Research &…
Products for Acoustic Insulation
Products for Acoustic Insulation
Whether we are talking about renovating a residential building, a hotel, or an office block, designers and building companies are required…

Products in the Spotlight

Tape for the flexible waterproofing of expansion joints and cracks
Seal with MAPEFLEX PU40
Seal with MAPEFLEX PU40
Polyurethane sealant with a low modulus of elasticity.
MAPEBAND EASY Waterproofing Tape
MAPEBAND EASY Waterproofing Tape
Fully waterproof rubber bandage for internal wet areas with an elongation breaking point up to 315%
Waterproof Your Roofs with SPIDER P
Waterproof Your Roofs with SPIDER P
BRANZ Appraised self-adhered waterproofing membrane for ideal for roofing and decking with patented SEALlap Technology. No torch. No…
ULTRAPLAN RENOVATION Levelling & Smoothing Compound
ULTRAPLAN RENOVATION Levelling & Smoothing Compound
Fibre-reinforced levelling & smoothing compound suitable for application on multiple substrates applied 3 to 40 mm thick.
ULTRALITE S1 Tile Adhesive
ULTRALITE S1 Tile Adhesive
One-component, high-performance, deformable, lightweight cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip, long open time, extremely high yield…
Rapid-filming acrylic resin-based coloured coating in water dispersion with fine micro-granular quartz for asphalt and concrete surfaces
Concrete Repair with PLANITOP HPC
Concrete Repair with PLANITOP HPC
Two-component ultra high performance shrinkage-compensated free-flowing high ductility fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar with stiff…

Solutions for every type of site

Every site has its own unique challenges. This is why Mapei solutions are organised according to site requirements and for areas of use with the aim to offer all professionals from the building industry a complete service.

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MAPEI projects

Mapei products have been widely used all over Aotearoa New Zealand, from large-scale projects to commercial spaces, from residential projects to works of public interest. 


Tepid Baths - Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Floor/wall coverings


Clyde Quay Apartments

Wellington, New Zealand

Floor/wall coverings


Kawarau Falls Station

Queenstown, New Zealand

Floor/wall coverings


Eden Park Stadium

Auckland, New Zealand

Floor/wall coverings


Waitaki Aquatic Centre

New Zealand

Cementitious & resin flooring systems, Installation of floors, Sealants application, Waterproofing systems


Airdale Apartments

Auckland, New Zealand

New building, Installation of floors, Floor/wall coverings, Waterproofing systems


Commercial Bay

Auckland, New Zealand

Surface preparation, Sealants application, Installation of floors, Waterproofing systems


Air New Zealand Hangar

Christchurch, New Zealand

Cementitious & resin flooring systems

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50 Years of Polyglass

Jul 2, 2019, 14:07 PM
The company supplies waterproofing membranes all over the world.
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The company supplies waterproofing membranes all over the world.

Founded in 1969 in Ponte di Piave (Northern Italy), Polyglass is one of the leading European manufacturers of waterproofing membranes. Polyglass celebrates an extremely important anniversary in 2019: 50 years of business and innovation in the field of waterproofing in which research, technological progress, a tailored customer service and respect for both people and the environment are the underlying values that have allowed the company to make such an impact on both the Italian and international markets. It has achieved this success thanks to women and men whose professionalism and expertise have made it possible to study, manufacture and sell high-quality materials admired and exported worldwide. An international enterprise whose DNA and background are 100% Italian.      

Polyglass has been operating with great passion, intuition and dedication since the 1960s. After beginning as a craft industry, the company soon developed into an industrial concern and has been operating worldwide since the end of the 1970s, most notably in the United States. Intent on always coming up with the very best solutions, the Polyglass team has gradually focused more and more on scientific research and technological progress. Today Polyglass is part of the Mapei Group with eight offices in Italy, United Kingdom, USA and globally, so that it can provide technical assistance on-site all over the world.

Its anniversary year officially began at a Sales Staff Meeting hosted by Veronica Squinzi, President of Polyglass and Global Development Director of the Mapei Group.

The company’s 50th anniversary provides an important opportunity to emphasise its transparency and professional ethics in developing innovative solutions for waterproofing and constantly improving its business operations. “Adding value” has always been at the very focus of Polyglass mission, added value that the company pledges to apply to all of its products: bituminous membranes, self-adhesive membranes, ultra-light membranes, synthetic membranes in PVC-P and TPO/FPO, and a whole range of waterproofing accessories. Incoming raw materials used for making Polyglass products undergo daily laboratory testing. Tests are also carried out both during the manufacturing process and on the finished products. Environmentally-friendly changes have been introduced into Polyglass plants that manufacture over 100 million m2 of membranes annually all over the world, all certified in accordance with leading international standards. Hard work, enthusiasm, attention to detail and constant scientific research have made Polyglass one of the most important international companies in its sector.

For further information on products see


Million m2 membranes manufactured worldwide.


billion m2
waterproofed roofs worldwide.


staff worldwide


the year Polyglass joined the Mapei Group






Global operations

Polyglass been involved in numerous prestigious building projects over the last few years. They include the “doubling in size” of the Panama Canal, a project that included the use of approximately 800,000 m2 of special synthetic membranes (equivalent in size to over 100 football pitches) to waterproof the huge water basins of the Canal.

MAPEPLAN synthetic membranes were also used to waterproof the 55,000 m² roof of the Siemens plant in Fürth (Germany); BROOF-certified fireproof products were applied in the Padua Sports Arena.


Several Polyglass solutions were also used in the Okura House in New Zealand, on the roofs of Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in Milan (a landmark for football in the city), in the structures of the Zero Pavilion at the Milan Expo (designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi), as well as in the innovative 99,000 m2 hydroponic crop-growing greenhouses in Ravenna (central Italy) and the hanging garden in Viale Sarca in Milan. Bituminous membranes were also used to waterproof the roofs of the Generali Tower, one of the three skyscrapers in the City Life neighbourhood of Milan, designed by the Zaha Hadid studio.

The roof of Soweto Church in Johannesburg (South Africa) was waterproofed using a special protective paint (POLYPAINT ALU) from the Polyglass Special Products range that provides supplementary solutions.

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