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Introducing Planitop LSN R3 & Planitop LSN R4

Mapei's new range of concrete repair mortars.
Designed to meet the requirements of concrete structural repairs, Planitop LSN R3 and Planitop LSN R4 can be either trowel or spray applied for easy use.






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Mapei with Politecnico of Milano for the lecture series Architecture and Sustainability: Matter, Quality, Form

Five meetings organised by DAStU for a deep-dive into the relationship between architecture and sustainability

May 9, 2024

Mapei, Italian multinational and manufacturer of chemical products for the building industry, is promoting a seminar programme drawn up by DAStU, the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Milan Politecnico, focusing on the relationship between architecture and sustainability.

Architecture and sustainability: Matter, Quality, Form, the title of this series of five meetings starting Monday 25th March, will explore each day a different aspect of the association between architecture and sustainability. Drawing inspiration from interventions by architects from international design studios and Mapei experts, the idea is to stimulate debate between university professors, researchers, professionals, students and open a path towards new strategies and projects aimed at counteracting the ecological and environmental crisis.

Simona Giorgetta, architect and member of the Mapei board, declared: “The culture and activities of a company like Mapei can provide life and substance to the quality of an architectural project. With our products, over the years we have taken part in many important works. We invest constantly in research work to propose solutions that take into consideration people and the environment, and also in training to share our knowledge and skills with professionals from the sector, two values that come out in force during this cycle of meetings drawn up by the Politecnico. Our intention is for the contributions and projects presented by the protagonists of this new season in architecture to become a precious starting point for tomorrow’s professionals”.

The first meeting, Circularity & Reuse, is scheduled for Monday 25th March in the Aula Rogers at Politecnico of Milano. Following an introduction by Massimo Bricocoli, Simona Giorgetta and Giulia Setti, curator of the project along with Francesca Zanotto, the architects Michaël Ghyoot from ROTOR and Dieter Leyssen from 51N4E, both based in Brussels, will illustrate the results of an approach that sees a project not as a linear process, but rather a circular development in which the value of the material, of the places and of social interactions is reassessed, impacting the overall sustainability of architecture.

Massimo Bricocoli, Director of the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies and Professor at Politecnico of Milano, continued with his views: “Focusing an architectural project from a perspective of sustainability – environmental, economic and social – is strategic, not only for the quality of each individual intervention, but for the future of our cities and urban way of life. The perspective in which we present ourselves is that of nourishing a design culture that is up to the challenges. This is why it is important to create collaboration programmes between universities, local authorities and companies and to innovate architectural design from a sustainability perspective, taking into consideration the natural, material, cultural and social resources that all play a part in the quality and durability of architecture. The designers and architecture firms taking part in the programme are amongst the leading protagonists of a new season in design that has to face up to the challenge of producing quality architecture and spaces while limiting consumption of resources, improving performance characteristics, improving energy efficiency and performance, containing costs and guaranteeing inclusivity for everyone”.

Also taking part in the discussion will be Mikaela Decio, Corporate Environmental Sustainability Manager Mapei, and Professors Lorenzo Pagliano and Nicola Russi.

The next appointments are: Appropriated Technology; Materials, Techniques, Local Care; Alpine Ways and Sustainable Social Housing.

Taking part on the first day will qualify for 3 professional training credits valid for Order of Architects training. To register for the event click here.

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