Elastocolor Primer AR

Elastocolor Primer AR

Water-Based, Alkali-Resistant Primer for Elastocolor Coatings

Elastocolor Primer AR is a specially designed primer for use on exterior, above-grade, new and previously coated concrete and masonry surfaces. Elastocolor Primer AR will protect subsequent coatings from the damaging effects of high pH present in freshly placed cement-based products. It remains highly flexible, offers excellent filling and adhesion on prepared substrates, and is designed for compatibility with MAPEI’s Elastocolor coating systems.

  • Protects the topcoat against damaging effects of high pH levels in the substrate
  • Suitable for use on all cementitious substrates including stucco, concrete, concrete masonry units (CMUs) and a variety of other building materials
  • Vapor-permeable to allow the passage of water vapor into and out of the substrate
  • Provides a uniformly sealed surface over materials of varying porosity

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