The Ritz Carlton Miami

Location icon Miami, USA
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Yard Facades
Location Miami, USA
Subcategory Hotel/Inn
Built in 1953
Opened in 1953
Application Supply of concrete repair products and high-performance coatings
Start and finish date 2018/2019
Application Type WALL COVERINGS
Client Ritz Carlton
Contractor company Contracting Specialists Inc. CSI
Installer companies Contracting Specialists Inc. CSI
Architects IBA Consultants
Photographer Raul Ballester
MAPEI Coordinator Carlos Hernandez

Products used for the project

Elastocolor Coat
Elastocolor Coat
Water-Based, High-Build, 100%-Acrylic, Waterproof Coating Elastocolor Coat is a…
Elastocolor Primer AR
Elastocolor Primer AR
Elastocolor Primer AR is a specially designed primer for use on exterior,…
Elastocolor Texture
Elastocolor Texture
Water-Based, High-Build, Acrylic, Textured Coating Elastocolor Texture is a…
10007903 - Planitop 200
Planitop 200
Product not available for this market,
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