Repairing and protecting the piles of a viaduct

Bridges & Highways; Structural Strengthening; Coatings
Road maintenance; High-performance coatings; Repairs to concrete; High-traffic installations; System for heavy-duty vehicular traffic; Application of Concrete Repair/Finishing Mortars; Corrosion Control

Issues: Bridge viaduct and piles repair and protection

Solutions: Repair corroded concrete and exposed rebar with a MAPEI structural strengthening system solution, including anodes, fiber wraps and concrete repair mortars. For rapid hardening, form-and-pour, horizontal, vertical and even overhead applications, our repair mortars provide effective and efficient methods for protecting and returning the bridge to service. Given the highly engineered nature of these repairs, each solution is customized by MAPEI’s technical experts, from the spec/CAD to the top coating.


Exposed concrete and rebars
Welded steel mesh
Zinc anode:

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