Marché Adonis supermarket flooring renovation

Location icon Montréal, Canada
When a popular supermarket (Super C) was being remodeled into another wildly popular supermarket (Marché Adonis), the specifications called for a very rugged flooring system.
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Yard Meat/fish counter and freezer areas
Location Montréal, Canada
Subcategory Supermarket
Built in 2019
Application Commercial – Cementitious and Resin Flooring
Start and finish date 2019
Application Type Cementitious & Resin Flooring Systems
Client Metro
Contractor company Vergo
Installer companies Protecsol
Architects BLH Architects
Project Manager Yves Fallu (Equation engineer)
MAPEI Coordinator Alain Pomerleau

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Products used for the project

Mapefloor CPU/COVE [NA]
Mapefloor CPU/COVE [NA]
Multi-Component, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Coving and Detailing Screed …
Mapefloor CPU/HD [NA]
Mapefloor CPU/HD [NA]
Multi-Component, Heavy-Duty, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Screed with Thermal…
Mapefloor CPU/SB [NA]
Mapefloor CPU/SB [NA]
Multi-Component, High-Strength, Self-Leveling Polyurethane/Cement-Based Screed …
Mapefloor CPU/TC [NA]
Mapefloor CPU/TC [NA]
Multi-Component, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Coating for Horizontal and Vertical…
Primer SN
Primer SN
Two-Component, Filled, Epoxy Primer Primer SN is a two-component, filled, epoxy…

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