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March 14, 2023. 4:37 PM

Uses of Mortar: Can Mortars be Used to Patch or Level an Uneven Concrete Floor?

The title of this blog is a frequently asked question that tile installers have considered when a concrete or plywood substrate dips or humps in the floor. Because mortar will stick to the concrete slab and the wood subfloor, and mortar will stick…

January 17, 2023. 9:07 PM

Flood-Testing for Shower Installations

All over Québec and Canada the race is on to renovate and build new bathrooms. As any real-estate agent knows, buyers are attracted to homes with new-look bathrooms and high-end finishes, such as large and heavy tiles that simply were not possible a…

January 3, 2023. 7:06 PM

For easy plumb walls, Planitop 330 Fast comes to the rescue

There is one thing you can count on when approaching a wall tile installation: The walls are rarely plumb (out of vertical) and true. MAPEI’s Planitop 330 Fast was designed to fix out-of-plumb walls and more. Here’s a typical jobsite scenario: Walls…

December 9, 2022. 4:54 PM

The Importance of Waterproofing for a Tile or Stone Installation

As any building inspector will tell you, there is no greater enemy to the longevity of a structure than excessive moisture and water penetration. Be it poured concrete, wood-frames, a tile surface or a stone veneer, keeping water at bay is key to…

December 8, 2022. 8:25 PM

What is Mortar? What Makes a Mortar “Super”?

Navigating through the sea of mortars nowadays can make choosing the right binding material into a daunting task. Mortars have become extremely specific, compared to when I first started installing tiles over 30 years ago. All I knew about mortar…

October 11, 2022. 8:51 PM

Blue Stains on Tile

Are the tiles in your bath, shower, shower head, or faucets turning blue? What causes this discoloration and where does it come from? In most cases, blue/green stains are caused by the water flowing through your copper piping having a low (acidic)…

September 16, 2022. 6:07 PM

Waterproofing Membrane Systems

System Components: Mapeguard WP 200 Mapeguard WP ST Mapeguard PIC Mapeguard POC Mapeguard PC Mapeguard VC Mapeguard WP Waterproofing Membrane Systems The modern residential bathroom is trending toward a spa atmosphere containing a single…

September 2, 2022. 4:25 PM

MAPEI’s Advanced Primers for Self-Leveling Underlayments and Primers for Special Applications

When it comes to surface preparations or floor installations, MAPEI offers some advanced primers that extend a little beyond those used for standard plywood or concrete surfaces. Whenever the floor construction, bond strength requirements, or…

August 30, 2022. 8:22 PM

How Green Was my Tack

Flooring Adhesives to Meet Green Building Certification Standards Throughout the construction industry, the pressure is on to build sustainably. With the advent of governmental regulatory frameworks like the State of California’s South Coast Air…

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