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Piha Stadium Stairways
Sijainti Napier, Uusi-Seelanti
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Rakennettu vuonna 1911
When constructing, refurbishing or managing any sports stadium, it is extremely important to guarantee a certain level of functionality and safety for all its users. Every area of a stadium, whether used for the actual games or events, the technical areas used by those working in the stadium or areas open to the general public, must take into consideration the various requirements in terms of safety as specified by the norms and standards issued by national sports governing bodies. The surfaces used for pedestrian traffic, especially in areas used by the general public, must guarantee the following aspects: ■ surfaces must have an adequate non-slip finish, especially in external areas affected by weather conditions which could make surfaces damp or wet (surfaces, for example, must have the correct level of porosity to guarantee stability during use); ■ they must have a high level of resistance to abrasion. Floors are exposed to the constant action of footsteps, and, in the case of sports stadiums, this action takes place and is concentrated into periods of just a few hours during sports or other events; ■ cleanability of the surfaces, using proper materials to make floors that are easier to clean and/or wash in order to maintain them presentable and prevent floors from premature ageing; ■ resistance to the action of chemicals caused by contact with de-icing salts applied during the winter to prevent ice forming or snow settling, so that the floors may still be used in the event of bad weather; ■ good resistance to weather conditions and smog to prevent the surface deteriorating, thus increasing the durability of surfaces over the years. MONOLITHIC SURFACES WITH MAPEI TNS SYSTEM For all the reasons mentioned above, it was decided to coat all of the stairways for pedestrian use, a total surface area of 1,000 m2, with the water based epoxy resin system MAPECOAT TNS EXTREME. This system meets all the requirements listed above and creates a monolithic, waterproof surface, that is, a surface that cannot be damaged by water or freeze/thaw cycles. Thanks to its high extension rate of 110%, which has been measured according to the parameters in DIN 53504 standard, the system can also withstand the heavy stresses and loads normally acting on surfaces in structures such as a sports stadiums. The coating applied, therefore, maintains the integrity and durability of the cementitious structure over the years, has particularly high-performance characteristics and forms an attractive finish. The Mapecoat TNS Extreme was selected as the ideal solution for the stairways due to its extremely durable nature and integral non slip that meets both wet and dry NZBC slip resistance requirements. The TNS Extreme has excellent UV resistance and can be created in any colour. The system was expertly installed by Eric Wiggs Ltd and the Napier Council couldn’t be happier with the result.
Aloitus- ja lopetuspäivä 2022
Käyttötyyppi Lattia ja seinäpinnoiteiden asennus
Urakoitsijayritys Eric Wiggs Ltd
Asennusyritykset Eric Wiggs Ltd
Valokuvaajat Matt Wigg
Projektipäällikkö Scott Lacey

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MAPECOAT I 600 W - Primer
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