MAPEI’s Ultrabond 811 Adhesive Can Handle Any Carpet Tile

February 13, 2020

Deerfield Beach, Florida – MAPEI recently launched Ultrabond ECO 811, a mint-colored adhesive that provides an enhanced, aggressive tack for installing all types of carpet tile and has releasable properties for easy removal of flooring. Ultrabond ECO 811 provides a secure adhesive base for standard PVC-backed carpet tile as well as non-PVC-, polyolefin-, felt- and bituminous-backed carpet tile. This universal carpet tile adhesive can also be used to bond fiberglass-reinforced vinyl sheet flooring.

As a leading manufacturer for a wide variety of floors, MAPEI has introduced Ultrabond ECO 811 to meet the needs of the increasing demand for carpet tile installation. Carpet tiles add depth and texture to a room, while also being easily replaceable versus replacing an entire floor. To meet this versatility, Ultrabond ECO 811 is specially designed to provide the option of a permanent or releasable base, accommodating the remodeling cycles typical in residential homes, office buildings, hospitality settings and institutional locations.

For a releasable application, Ultrabond ECO 811 should be allowed to dry to its tacky phase before the floor installation. For permanent installations, flooring should be installed into Ultrabond ECO 811 while it is wet. This adhesive is also Green Label Plus certified, contributing to LEED v4 points and verified as “Red List Free” according to the most current Red List on the Living Building Challenge website.

Ultrabond ECO 811 is suitable for various substrates including wood underlayments, exterior-grade plywood, cement terrazzo and fully bonded vinyl composition tile.

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Ultrabond ECO 811
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