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January 10, 2023. 4:25 PM

Tile Leveling and Lippage Systems

A 12" x 24" (30 x 61 cm) tile is now considered an average size! Over the years, tile sizes have been getting larger and larger. Along with that, the problem of lippage is also becoming an issue. Thus, the invention of tile leveling and lippage…

December 8, 2022. 2:40 PM

Help, I want to tile my shower walls!

By Denise Troiano and Joseph Smith Now that you have successfully created your shower pan pre-slope, it is now time to install the walls. Shower walls are installed typically one of two ways: Sinking them into the mortar bed or terminating them just…

November 17, 2022. 2:43 PM

Installing Resin-Backed Mosaics Using MAPEI’s ECO Prim Grip

What are resin-backed mosaics? They are a sheet of smaller tiles that are arranged in a pattern that are back-mounted to a fiberglass mesh that is coated with an adhesive (typically epoxy-based). Resins form a non-absorbent coating on the back of…

October 5, 2022. 5:40 PM

How Green Was My Tack

Flooring adhesives to meet green-building certification standards Throughout the construction industry, the pressure is on to build sustainably. With the advent of governmental regulatory frameworks like the State of California’s South Coast Air…

September 14, 2022. 2:55 PM

Help, I want to tile my shower curb!

By Denise Troiano and Joseph Smith So, you have figured out the shower pan and walls, but what about the curb? Most people step over their curb daily and do not give it a thought; however, the curb is the location for many shower failures. There are…

June 30, 2022. 8:12 PM

Choosing the right grout

Choosing the right grout does not have to be a long and excruciating process. However, there are several factors to consider, besides the color, when deciding on grout before your next project. These factors include: Where the installation is…

April 28, 2022. 8:35 PM

Grout stains: Organic or inorganic?

We typically see two types of grout stains that are classified as either “organic” or “inorganic.” Organic stains include food stains, such as fats, grease, proteins and carbohydrates. Organic stains also can be caused by living matter, such as…

July 28, 2021. 5:37 PM

Environmental transparency and EPDs

Newer versions of LEED (v4 and v4.1) have pioneered the use of verified life cycle assessment (LCA) data in an attempt to provide a more holistic approach to assessing environmental impacts across the entire life cycle of a product. The trend is…

July 19, 2021. 5:08 PM

Five things to know about “high-performance” mortars

As tiles get larger and installations get trickier, all setting-materials manufacturers have developed a category of “high-performance” mortars. If you are setting tile in a freeze/thaw environment, on above-grade areas with deflection, in submerged…

1 - 9 of 110
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