Waterproofing Systems

MAPEI offers a complete line of waterproofing system solutions for new and existing building conditions.

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Planiseal CR1

Planiseal CR1

Single-Component, 100%-Solids, Cold-Fluid-Applied, Structural Waterproofing Membrane Planiseal CR1 is a fast-curing, 100%-solids,…
Mapedrain 25

Mapedrain 25

High-Strength, High-Flow, Prefabricated Drainage Composite with Protective Film Mapedrain 25 is a high-strength, three-dimensional…
Planiseal Membrane SA

Planiseal Membrane SA

Self-Adhering Sheet Membrane Planiseal Membrane SA is a 63-mil, self-adhering sheet membrane consisting of 61 mils of rubberized asphalt…
Planiseal CR2 V

Planiseal CR2 V

Vertical-Grade, Two-Component, 100%-Solids, Cold-Fluid-Applied Structural Waterproofing Membrane Planiseal CR2 V is a fast-curing,…
No matter what the waterproofing need is, MAPEI has the system solution. Our quality product line includes sodium bentonite clay waterproofing, peel-and-stick fully adhered sheet waterproofing and cold-fluid-applied waterproofing. These options cover most waterproofing scenarios, including blindside and water table applications, and are designed to protect building foundations and plaza decks as well as balconies. Our low-VOC, low-odor formulations are readily applied in occupied spaces.



MAPEI’s Waterproofing Systems products are designed to work together to provide system solutions for your project – from the CAD diagram to the specification to the waterproofing. MAPEI has the product innovations and the technical expertise to help turn your jobsite into a success.



Our cutting-edge products are developed to meet or exceed industry standards, are supported by MAPEI’s expert technical experience in waterproofing and are backed by our outstanding warranty program.



Not only are MAPEI’s Waterproofing Systems products the most innovative in the industry, they carry the industry’s Best-Backed™ warranty program, which provides a variety of warranty options with simple, easy-to-understand requirements.

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System Solutions

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Mapeguard UM 35 [NA] – Reshaping the Industry

Mapeguard UM 35 [NA] is a crack-isolation, vapor-management, waterproofing and uncoupling membrane that can go over a variety of…

MAPEI Flexcolor Design – Bringing unlimited color possibilities to grout

This professional-grade, ready-to-use (RTU) specialty grout allows you to design in your color –any color.

Tech Tip – Glass Tile Considerations

Installing glass tile requires some considerations, including maintaining color and translucency and withstanding thermal…

MTI-TV – MAPEI’s Planiseal CR1 cold-fluid-applied, structural waterproofing membrane

Sam describes the benefits of Planiseal CR1 , which can be used in interior and exterior applications with a low-VOC formula that…

MAPEI Tech Tip on Mapelastic AquaDefense Drying Time

MAPEI’s Mapelastic AquaDefense provides an easy way to apply a rubber waterproofing membrane. But we are often asked, “How long…

MAPEI Webinar – Updates on MAPEI’s Self-Leveling Underlayments

Do you use self-levelers for concrete floors? Get the latest updates on MAPEI’s self-leveling underlayments and primers in this…

MAPEI Webinar – Keraflex Mortars: Simplification and Consolidation

MAPEI’s Keraflex family of mortars covers most jobsite needs, allowing contractors and distributors to consolidate inventory on…

Concrete flooring solutions

Our lines of structural strengthening products and concrete restoration systems will provide a system solution for your…

MAPEI Webinar – MAPEI073: Selecting Sustainable Products for Green Building Certifications

Which sustainable product provides the most credits? Which green building certification provides the best fit for your project?…

MTI-TV #25 – Installing Backsplashes

MAPEI’s Sam Biondo and Logan Reavis discuss the various methods and products for installing backsplashes.

Tech Tip on Concrete Surface Profiling

Concrete surface profiling, or CSP, is on every applicable Technical Data Sheet. But what is it? Find out why grinding away…

MAPEI Webinar – Installation, Finishing and Maintenance for Wood Floors

Installing wood flooring? By the end of this Webinar, you will learn best wood-floor installation practices from the subfloor…

Tech Tip on Water-Ratio Range for Cementitious Products

How much water should you add when mixing cementitious mortars and grouts?

LaGuardia Airport Mosaic Mural

New York City’s LaGuardia Airport now features one of the largest, continuous pieces of mosaic artwork ever created.

MTI-TV – Mapeheat Floor-Heating Thermostats

Compatible with the Mapeheat floor-heating system, these thermostats include Mapeheat Thermo Basic , Mapeheat Thermo Touch and…

MAPEI Webinar – MAPEI’s Ultratop Decorative Topping Solutions

Strong, lasting, self-leveling concrete toppings that replicate the look and durability of terrazzo – as well as other high-end…

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MAPEI Webinar – The Chemistry of Tile Grouts, Caulks and Sealers

Learn how simple chemistry can help raise your grout installations from ordinary to amazing.

MAPEI Webinar – Adhesive Selection and Installation for LVT

There are a wide variety of adhesives on the market, but which ones work best when installing luxury vinyl tile (LVT)? How can…

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MTI-TV – MAPEI’s Planiseal CR1 cold-fluid-applied, structural waterproofing membrane

Sam describes the benefits of Planiseal CR1 , which can be used in interior and exterior applications with a low-VOC formula that…



Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa


Floor/wall covering, Installation of floors, Waterproofing


ASD_Kwun Tong Government Secondary School

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong



Yan Oi Market

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong


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