MAPEI’s Bonding Agents

The secret weapons in the adhesive arsenal.

Designed to work with any cementitious surfaces and within MAPEI system solutions, these agents each target a specific purpose: Planicrete Blue for interior bonding; Planicrete Gold (texturized) for interior and exterior bonding; and Planibond EBA for screeds and cementitious toppings.

Features of our bonding agents

Provides higher bond strengths when bonding to concrete


Quick drying time, 10‑15 minutes faster than traditional bonding agents


Full-bodied viscosity, making it easy to be applied


Requiring less material usage than traditional bonding agents


Easy to use



Planicrete Gold

One-component, surface-applied, texturized bonding agent for cementitious plasters, stuccos and renders.

Cementitious renders, plasters and stuccos over CMUs, cast-in-place concrete, gypsum wallboard, etc.


Brush, roller or
high-solids pump


Interior and

Planicrete Blue

One-component, redispersible, re-emulsifiable, surface-applied bonding agent for interior cementitious plasters. Can be applied and left for later application. Can be exposed for up to one week. Colored blue so application is easily visible.

Cementitious plasters over CMUs, cast-in-place concrete, gypsum wallboard, etc.


Brush or roller




Planibond EBA

Two-component, multipurpose, high-modulus, epoxy bonding agent. Non-shrink, 100%-solids and moisture-tolerant. Used primarily as a bonding agent for screeds and repair mortars.

Concrete, masonry and wood substrates


Brush, roller or trowel




MAPEI’s bonding agents are designed to the highest standards and carry the highest ratings. To find out more, visit or call 1-888-365-0614.

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