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MAPEI’s Technical Institute (MTI) provides industry insight and product knowledge through hands-on education sessions. Class schedules are available below.


MAPEI Technical Institute (MTI) provides the highest-quality, fundamental and advanced product knowledge with demonstrations and hands-on training at the following MAPEI locations in the USA: Deerfield Beach (FL), San Bernardino (CA), Garland (TX), Dalton (GA), West Chicago (IL) and Swedesboro (NJ). Classes in other locations may be added as needed or requested.

MAPEI offers the following educational classes

Fundamental Systems Training

An overview of product knowledge with industry standards, product demonstrations and hands-on class participation

  • TSIS (Tile & Stone Installation Systems) = This class on tile and stone installation systems covers surface preparation, moisture mitigation, waterproofing, crack isolation, tile and stone installation systems, grouts, sealers, finishes, and cleaners for stone/tile/grout. One- and two-day classes are available.
  • FCIS (Floor Covering Installation Systems) = This class on floor-covering and wood installation systems covers surface preparation, moisture mitigation, patching, sound reduction, carpet adhesives, resilient flooring adhesives, wood flooring adhesives and MAPEI’s Ultracoat system for wood floors.

    Advanced Systems Training

    A strategic, innovative approach to training, development and education utilizing MAPEI specialty products and systems, along with product demonstrations and hands-on class participation

  • Industry Standards  = This class will cover how to better understand industry standards, sustainable solutions, submittals and how they can benefit your project.
  • GPT (Gauged Porcelain Tile) = This class on gauged porcelain tile, geared to contractors, features thin-tile installation demonstrations by industry professionals.


Types of training events


Product Knowledge

Schedule classes to learn about MAPEI products in classroom as well as hands-on settings. Learn the industry-approved methods for quickly and effectively applying products.


Customer Locations

MAPEI’s knowledgeable staff can travel to pre-arranged locations to lead seminars, hold demo days and provide a product-knowledge events based on the needs of our customers.


Lunch & Learn

Only have 60 minutes? We’ve got you covered. Our team of technical experts can provide the knowledge base and the lunch to feed your intellect and your crew.



The MAPEI Demo Team takes to the stage at conferences throughout the year, demonstrating MAPEI’s latest products and answering questions. Be sure to visit the calendar.


Locations all over North America

Classes are held at the following state-of-the-art MAPEI locations in the USA: Deerfield Beach (FL), San Bernardino (CA), Garland (TX), Dalton (GA), West Chicago (IL), and Swedesboro (NJ). Classes are also held in various locations including Puerto Rico and at customer facilities (can be scheduled upon request).

Our Technical Assistance Service
by Professionals, for Professionals

MAPEI’s highly qualified Technical Services Department is always available for our clients, guaranteeing that they will receive the most appropriate level of support from the design phase through installation to ensure that the end result always meets expectations. Our expert personnel are located around the globe, so that a MAPEI specialist is always available to provide a rapid response whenever a client has a question.








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