MAPEI’s decorative topping solutions

June 10, 2021

The Ultratop® systems of high-performance, self-leveling concrete toppings from MAPEI provide the ability to quickly and durably resurface a wide variety of interior surfaces.

“Installers resurfacing concrete flooring in interior, high-traffic areas need long-lasting, attractive solutions that also meet a fast-paced deadline,” said Maurizio Luccarelli, MAPEI’s Business Development Leader for Flooring. “This is why MAPEI developed the Ultratop systems decorative toppings line as a portion of our cementitious and resin flooring line — to provide installers with a system that offers strength and beauty, as well as fast-track installation times.”

Ultratop, Ultratop SP and Ultratop PC are the key components of the Ultratop systems:

  • Ultratop Natural System uses Ultratop self-leveling, self-curing topping that can be installed at 1/4" and then sealed with a Mapefloor™ Finish product. The system provides the high compressive strength necessary for residential applications as well as light commercial installations, such as malls, shops, hotels and museums.
  • Ultratop Polished System uses Ultratop SP and Ultratop PC self-leveling cementitious toppings to provide a fine-aggregate exposed finish. The system is suitable for light vehicular traffic in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It can be installed from 3/8" and extended with aggregate that is up to 1/4".
  • Ultratop Terrazzo System uses Ultratop, especially the white version. The system can be installed with large aggregate ranging from 3/8" to 1", providing exposed texture to recreate the look of Venetian cementitious terrazzo.

“All of the Ultratop products are designed for fast-track applications and are polishable in as few as 24 hours. Also they can be integral-colored or stained with dye,” Luccarelli explained. “All of the Ultratop systems can be extended with decorative aggregate and colored, allowing us to create unlimited finished appearances. However, none of the Ultratop systems can be installed without using MAPEI’s Primer SN epoxy primer.”

Although they may be decorative toppings, don’t let their beauty fool you. “These toppings can withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic, spills and repeated cleanings,” Luccarelli said. “And, they can be installed in a matter of hours, not the weeks that it would take to tear out and replace a floor, or the days that it normally takes to resurface. They allow installers to shave days off of their projects, while creating durable, custom floors.”

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