Latham Watkins Law Offices Murals

Location icon Chicago, USA
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Yard Latham Watkins Law Offices Murals
Location Chicago, USA
Subcategory OFFICES
Built in 2014
Opened in 2014
Application Latham Watkins Law Offices Murals
Start and finish date 2014
Application Type Floor/wall covering
Client Latham Watkins LLP
Contractor company Clune Construction Company
Installer companies Trostrud Mosaic & Tile Co.
Architects Gensler
Specialists involved Gensler
MAPEI Distributor Carpet Cushions & Supplies
Credits Brad Trostrud
Project Manager Brad Trostrud
Other Two giant glass mosaic murals depicting the 1893 World’s
Fair were installed at the Latham & Watkins LLP law
office in Chicago using MAPEI’s Adesilex ™ P10 glass tile
mortar mixed with Keraply ™ professional latex additive.
A special custom-made grout from MAPEI was used to
fill the tile joints.

Product used for the project

Adesilex P10 Mosaic & Glass Tile
Adesilex P10 Mosaic & Glass Tile
Premium Mosaic and Glass Tile Mortar with Polymer Adesilex P10 Mosaic & Glass…
Professional Latex Additive for Tile Mortar Keraply is a professional-grade,…
Mapeguard 2
Mapeguard 2
3-in-1 Membrane for Crack Isolation, Waterproofing and Sound Reduction …
Water-Based Primer for MAPEI Peel-and-Stick Membranes MAPEI SM Primer is a…
Mapelastic AquaDefense
Mapelastic AquaDefense
Premium Waterproofing and Crack-Isolation Membrane Mapelastic AquaDefense is a…
Fast-Setting, Polymer-Modified, Cement-Based Patching Compound Planipatch is…
Primer L
Primer L
Advanced-Technology, Acrylic Latex Primer for Concrete Primer L is a…
Ultracolor Plus FA
Ultracolor Plus FA
Rapid-Setting, “All-in-One” Grout Replacement for Sanded and Unsanded Grouts …
Ultraflex LFT
Ultraflex LFT
Premium, Large-and-Heavy-Tile Mortar with Polymer Ultraflex LFT is a premium,…
3000267 - Ultracontact
Product not available for this market,
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