Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Location icon NYC, USA
Ref #: 4537


Yard Museum of Modern Art
Location NYC, USA
Subcategory MUSEUM
Built in 1937
Opened in 1939
Application Concrete Repair and External Waterproofing
Start and finish date 2008
Application Type Waterproofing, Concrete restoration
Client Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York
Installer companies Nicholson and Galloway Inc., New York
Architects Wank Adams Slavin Associates, Robert Silman Associates
Specialists involved Wank Adams Slavin Associates, Robert Silman Associates
Project Manager FJ Sciame, New York

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Product used for the project

Flexible, Cementitious Membrane for Waterproofing and Protecting Concrete and…
Mapetex Sel
Mapetex Sel
Nonwoven Fabric for Reinforcing Waterproofing Membranes Mapetex Sel is a…
Planitop XS
Planitop XS
One-Component, Fast-Setting, Extended-Working-Time, Vertical and Overhead…

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