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Architectural Specs

MAPEI makes specifications easy, with pre-written and customizable solutions

The MAPEI Architectural Program was implemented in 2010 under the guidance of Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO of MAPEI North America. The program focuses on building strong relationships with architects, designers and engineers – the professionals who specify the use of our products.

We began with representatives in New York City, Chicago, Texas and Southern California, following a three-step approach that we follow to this day. Step One is to establish national accounts, which we did, including Chick-fil-A, Marriott, McDonald’s and Victoria’s Secret. Step Two is to build relationships with major metropolitan architectural firms. We accomplished this through a variety of methods, such as one-on-one meetings, lunch-and-learns and attending conferences. Whenever possible, we introduced the architects, engineers and designers to MAPEI’s Website and our architectural specification writing tool (more on that later). Step Three is to track projects from specification to application. The third step allows us to continue growing our successful portfolio of project references – which we then use in Steps One and Two.

This three-step process also has been successful in helping us to grow our team. We now have added representatives in Ohio, New England, New York, the Mid-Atlantic, the Southeast (including Florida), the Midwest, Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.


In addition to working with contractors and distributors, the focus of our architectural and design (A&D) group is to provide assistance for installation solutions. This is accomplished, in part, by providing the architect and designer with technical knowledge on industry standards and practices.

We provide this information in a number of ways. Foremost is giving presentations that qualify as continuing education units (CEUs) approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). These presentations focus on the various types of products we offer, how they are used and their performance as total installation systems. We give these presentations at scheduled lunch-and-learns, in classes and even at conferences.

Our Website at features a portal designed for architects, engineers and designers. Users can access portal information in two ways: The “Customer Tools” dropdown menu at the top of our homepage contains the link for the “Tools for Architects” portal. Or, one can click on the homepage button marked “Architectural Solutions” to access the “Tools for Architects” portal.

The “Tools for Architects” portal contains links to our brochures for architectural building, hospitality systems and healthcare systems – all of which focus on installation solutions for these commonly specified areas. The portal also includes links to project references (such as the Ft. Lauderdale airport and Dallas Cowboys stadium) as well as three-part, master specifications for MAPEI concrete restoration as well as floor-covering, tile/stone and waterproofing installation systems.

Another source for specifications is the portal’s Architectural CAD/ Spec Guide, which gives users access to CADs and accompanying CSI-format specifications for specific tile/stone, floor-covering and below-grade waterproofing installations. Updated regularly to keep up with changes in products and industry standards, these CAD/ specs can be downloaded in a number of formats.

Visitors to the architectural portal will also find Spec Maestro, MAPEI’s interactive specification writing tool. This allows architects and designers to customize their own CSI-format three-part specification to directly relate to their specific jobsite conditions.

As we inform the specification writers we visit, MAPEI is not just a company that produces tile mortars and grouts. Our product offering is wide and varied, including the categories Concrete Restoration Systems, Floor Covering Installation Systems, Products for Sports Flooring, Tile & Stone Installation Systems, Waterproofing Systems, Products for Wood Flooring, Admixtures for Concrete, Products for Structural Strengthening, Products for Underground Construction, Cement Additives, (U.S. only) Products for the Marine Industry and (Canada only) Cementitious and Resin Flooring Systems. These product lines are well represented with our pre-written specifications and customizable specification writing tool.

Every year, MAPEI reinvests 5% of its revenue into R&D. This means that we are constantly working to create the latest innovations for the construction industry. Consequently, our specification writing capabilities will only become more powerful. Our architectural program is truly growing through technology.

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