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March 3, 2020. 10:51 AM

Reasons why tiles buckle

Tile flooring is common and can be found in many residential and commercial settings due to its aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance and wide range of attractive designs and tile types available in the market. Every tile finish would require proper...

January 22, 2020. 2:55 AM

Spalling concrete

Spalling concrete is a common issue especially for old buildings. What happens when concrete spalls?  Spalling results when two elements are present in the concrete, air and moisture. The penetration of carbon dioxide in the concrete, also...

December 27, 2019. 7:44 AM

Non-Shrink Grouts vs Patch Repair Mortars: How are they different?

Have you ever tried patching a hole in the wall and, no matter what you or your hired tradesman did, you could never get the repair mortar to finish flush with the surface? Or to dry without unsightly crack lines? If you have, you can probably blame...

December 12, 2019. 5:34 AM

Industrial flooring: What is the difference between Epoxy and Polyurethane

Epoxy (EP) and Polyurethane (PU) flooring are mostly used for industrial flooring around the world. Epoxy floor systems are commonly used in heavy-duty industries, warehouses, logistics and heavy-duty general manufacturing. Whenever there are...

September 12, 2019. 4:04 AM

An expert’s opinion on laying agglomerates

Agglomerates or agglomerated stones are artificial stones made of composite materials produced by binding stone chips with specially formulated resins. 

May 28, 2019. 2:31 PM

Types of Grouts for Tile & Stone works

Tile grout used in most construction is typically cement-based.  Proprietary Cementitious grout are made from a blend of cement, polymer, additive, pigment, fine-graded aggregates and mixed with water or fortified with a liquid latex additive...



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