About us• Mapei Group- Our History
  - Research & Development
  - Specialisation
  - Internationalisation
  - Social Responsibility
 • Made in Singapore- The Environment 
  - Certification
Products & Solutions• Product Lines- Products for ceramics and stone
  - Products for building
  - Products for resilient, LVT, textile  materials and sports flooring
  - Products for cementitious and resin flooring
  - Products for waterproofing
  - Admixtures for concrete, Mapestone and Mapei Color Paving
  - Products for acoustic insulation
  - Products for wooden flooring
  - Products for structural strengthening
  - Products for masonry restoration
  - Wall protective and decorative coatings
  - Products for underground constructions (UTT)
  - Products for thermal insulation
  - Products for the marine industry
  - Elastic sealants and adhesives
  - Cement additives C-ADD
 • Our Solutions- New Building
  - Old Building
  - Commercial Building
  - Industrial Building
  - Public Areas
  - Sport and Urban Fittings
  - Infrastructure
  - Marine
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