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This month's special: Open Spaces. Stone & Ceramic Coverings, Sports Surfaces, Waterproofing Solutions and so much more - The Mapei portfolio for Open Spaces.


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Re-Con Line

Sustainable Concrete

Mapei Concrete Industry Solutions integrate raw materials, concrete admixtures, and digital solutions in a circular process of quality and sustainability.

Re-Con: Sustainable Concrete Solutions

Kerapoxy Easy Design

Epoxy grout with improved workability and high aesthetic qualities


Mapei Solutions for  Underground Construction

Reliable technology for tunnel and underground construction.

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Mapei for all sports surfaces

Mapei has built up a wide range of experience and developed  sports flooring 
technology and solutions for all types of both new and existing sports surfaces,
becoming a point of reference for architects, designers and engineers.

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MAPEI is a world renowned producer and supplier of adhesives and complementary products for the building and construction industry.

Mapei Singapore has been in the industry for more than 30 years continually providing a wide range of specialized chemical building products such as waterproofing, flooring systems, wall coatings, sealants and more.



Mapei: facts & figures



Plants in
continents in
35 different Countries


Products for the building industry
of the Mapei Group


Main research centres
in 20 Countries


Tons of CO2 offset

Solutions for every type of site

Every site has its own unique challenges. This is why Mapei solutions are organised according to site requirements and for areas of use with the aim to offer all professionals from the building industry a complete service.


Mapei products have been used in thousands of projects all around the world, from large-scale projects to commercial spaces, from residential projects to works of public interest: our technical assistance and consultancy service are an integral part of our offer and of our daily commitment.

Realtà Mapei

To design the future it is essential that we share all our knowledge. This is why we created Realtà Mapei Magazine, the tool we use to dialogue with professionals from the building industry and with all those who use Mapei products


N° 96 - 5/9/2023

The British architect, renown for sober and innovative architecture, was awarded the prestigious prize for 2023



N° 96 - 5/9/2023

Cutting edge products for building the most sustainable high-altitude (4302 m) structure in the United States


N° 96 - 5/9/2023

Mapei Corp. supplied a complete system to install safe and comfortable turf pitches

August 2023

Topical news, references, insights and our commitment to art, culture and sports and much more in the latest issue of Realtà Mapei.

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