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In this section you will find a series of video tutorials that will help you understand how to apply and use some Mapei products.

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We're Mapei! 85 Years Going Strong - Corporate Video 2022

85 years ago, a group of men marked out a path, which today, is a path to success. Mapei is a world leader in adhesives, sealants…

Ultralite - How to Install Large Format Tiles (New Version)

Ultralite adhesive; a range of lightweight adhesives specially formulated for use with large format tiles. This video shows the…

Mapei | Mapecoat TNS Extreme | What Mapei experts say about it

Two-component rapid-drying epoxy-acrylic finish in water dispersion to create durable coatings on surfaces, including those with…

Mapei Red Bull Half Court 2022 a Il Cairo - Artwork Timelapse

Mapei Official Supplier of the 2022 Red Bull Half Court World Final

External System for Tiling with Efflorescence protection

Have you ever noticed white deposits on the wall and floor joints of your tile and stone installation? It could be efflorescence.

Types of Adhesives for tile and stone works

Similar to adhesives, tile grouts have specific requirements as defined by EN 13888 and ISO 13007-3 standards.

Non-Shrink Grouts vs Patch Repair Mortars: How are they different?

Have you ever tried patching a hole in the wall and could never get the repair mortar to finish flush with the surface?

Tips to prevent efflorescence during tile and stone installation

Have you ever noticed white deposits on the wall and floor surfaces of your tile or stone installations?

What is the difference between Epoxy (EP) and Polyurethane (PU) flooring?

Epoxy (EP) and Polyurethane (PU) flooring are two of the most common industrial floorings used in Singapore and around the world.…

Ultratop Loft, for decorative internal floors and walls

With Ultratop Loft range, decorative floors and walls can be achieved for a contemporary interior design.

How to repair cracks subject to water seepage

Guide to repair cracks in structures subject to water seepage by using the injection method. Resfoam 1 KM AKS is added to…

How to repair microcracks in concrete structures

This video shows how to repair dry microcracks in concrete structures using epoxy resin - Epojet LV.

Epoxy mortar coating system for industrial floors – Mapefloor System 91

This video shows the application method on how to create non-slip epoxy mortar coating suitable for industrial floors.

2 ways to use Planicrete SP

This video features 2 ways to use latex additive for levelling floor screeds and wall plasters.

Waterproofing roof slabs with MAPEI Aquaflex Roof 77

Aquaflex Roof 77 is a ready-to-use, liquid applied waterproofing membrane for exposed surface.

Purtop 1000

Tough waterproofer for storage tanks, basins and hydraulic works, roofs, bridges and other infrastructures.

Triblock TMB, moisture barrier for floor coating application

Triblock TMB, the temporary moisture barrier that can impede and prevent the formation of blisters and detachment of successive…

Testing the strength and durability of Purtop 500 N, hybrid polyurea waterproofing membrane

In this trial on site, we put Purtop 500 N, hybrid polyurea waterproofing membrane to the test.

1 - 20 of 44
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