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Mapei Singapore offers an extensive line of construction materials that are made up of numerous products, including mortars for repairing, skimming and protecting concrete, epoxy mortars and systems for structural bonds, products for crack injection and products for making anchor points. Choose Mapei for reliable construction materials that will stand the test of time!



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Malpensa 2000 bridges

Malpensa, Italy

Concrete restoration systems


Sfalassà Viaduct

Bagnara Calabra, Italy

Concrete restoration systems


Gioveretto Dam

Bolzano, Italy

Concrete restoration systems



Milano, Italy

New building


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Cracks in concrete can be treated using epoxy-resin based products such as Epojet or Epojet LV. After preparation/cleaning of the cracks, these products can be applied directly to fill the surface cracks or can be injected inside the structure for Epojet LV. Please contact MAPEI Technical Service for the specific details on the treatment of concrete cracks.


We recommend consulting a structural engineer to determine the degree of concrete damage and the extent of repair that must be done. Typically, repair of spalling/hollow concrete involves the removal of crumbling/damaged/loose parts up to sound substrate, cleaning the substrate, treating corroded rebars (if any) with Mapefer 1K, and application of the appropriate repair mortar such as Planitop G40 SP, Mapegrout Thixotropic, or Planitop Smooth & Repair R4.


For floors with voids, the type of repair material depends on the strength class. Non-shrink grout such as Mapefill GP or Mapefill SPis recommended for grouting voids in structural elements such as patching up honeycombs in concrete, filling gaps in precast elements, and grouting base plates and bridge bearings.  For repairing and strengthening concrete structures with higher performance, Planitop HPC Floor can be considered.


It depends on the strength and thickness required for the structure. Thixotropic repair mortars such as Planitop G40 SP is recommended for repairing deteriorated vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces with mortar possessing medium mechanical performance characteristics. For structural repairs with higher performance, Mapegrout Thixotropic and Planitop Smooth & Repair R4 are suitable. To have even higher strength repair mortar, you can consider Planitop HPC Tixo.


First, consult a structural engineer to assess the site and then work with a building material supplier like Mapei Singapore to propose suitable materials for intervention. 




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Durability, maintenance, appropriateness, functionality and affordability are just some of the many things people often check when buying construction materials. However, there's more to that other than finding the best supplies. Mapei provides technical expertise and offers a complete line of quality materials for your building projects in Singapore. Browse our range of proven and effective construction materials that meet or even go beyond the industry standards.

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